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35 Keys to Success

As we celebrate our 35th year owned by the American Angus Association, we’ll be looking at what it takes to succeed in the Angus business. You laid the foundation for these keys when you responded to our Angus Journal readership survey and told us in what topics you were most interested. The keys below are not presented in order of importance, but rather by approximate order of publication. Click on the keys below to see related articles.

Key 1: Getting Started
  • Optimum Performance, Premium Results (04/15)
    Making a difference starts at home for Nebraska family.
    by Nicole Lane
  • BLI Q&A (08/14)
    Young Angus leaders give tips on starting out successfully.
    — by Kasey Brown
  • Illinois Angus Junior Makes Her Mark (08/14)
    Sixteen-year-old says her cows are gentle and quiet, yet she still knows what they need.
    — by Barb Baylor Anderson
  • What Do Parents Owe Their Kids? (08/14)
    Farm family business consultant Jolene Brown shares her opinion.
    — by Kindra Gordon
  • Coal Valley Commencement (08/14)
    Coal Valley Angus got started right with solid genetics and a large dose of discipline.
    — by Kasey Brown
  • Sustaining a Legacy of Quality (08/14)
    Kansas ranchers pass on a tradition of quality in an untraditional way.
    — by Nicole Lane
  • Repro Tracks (08/14)
    Getting started right with AI
    — by Cliff Lamb
  • Outside the Box (08/14)
    Six pillars
    — by Tom Field
  • Key 2: Securing a Land Resource
  • No Cheap Tickets (08/14)
    Increasing demand for agricultural land and historically high prices make admission to the cattle business tougher than ever.
    — by Wes Ishmael
  • Higher and Higher (08/14)
    Although agricultural land values show recent signs of softening, increased competition makes continued strength hard to bet against.
    — by Wes Ishmael
  • Caution Pays (08/14)
    High land and cattle prices offer accelerated opportunity and risk.
    — by Wes Ishmael
  • Key 3: Your Health
  • Blasting Through Barriers of Rural Health Care (08/14)
    Physician shortage tops list of challenges.
    — by Joann Pipkin
  • Don’t Neglect Your Joints (08/14)
    Prevent damage to joints and make living with arthritis easier.
    — by Kasey Brown
  • Manage Stress (08/14)
    Mitigate the effects of chronic stress before it damages brain, genetic code.
    — by Kindra Gordon
  • The War on Fat, Part I of II:
    The Evolution of Lean Beef
    Industry responds to dietary document recommending decreased consumption of meat in favor of poultry and fish.
    — by the Beef Checkoff Program
  • The War on Fat: Part II of II: How Low to Go? How lean is lean enough? (08/14)
    — by the Beef Checkoff Program
  • Safety for Minors is Not a Minor Detail(08/14)
    Every day 38 children are injured in agriculture-related events. Every three days a child dies from one.
    — by Paige Nelson
  • Occupational Hazard (10/14)
    Check and protect your skin from the sun.
    — by Barb Baylor Anderson
  • Busting Myths About Ticks (10/14)
    K-State veterinarian and expert on ticks shares common myths about the pests and provides advice for protecting yourself and your pets.
    — by Katie Allen
  • Get Moving
    Sitting deemed as bad as smoking.
    by Kindra Gordon
  • Key 4: Youth Development
  • Association Highlights (05/15)
    Events, deadlines of which members should be aware
    compiled by Shauna Rose Hermel
  • Scholarships Support Beef’s Future (05/15)
    by Katy Kemp
  • Educating the Next Generation (03/15)
    by Troy Smith
  • Auxiliary Notes (09/14)
    What a week!
    by Cortney Holshouser
  • Next Generation (09/14)
    Postcard from an NJAA director, state spotlights
    compiled by Kasey Brown
  • Developing the Next Generation (09/14)
    South Dakota Angus breeder encourages each of us to ponder our role.
    by Kindra Gordon
  • Pasture to Packer (09/14)
    Texas 4-H program teaches youth real-world cattle-feeding process.
    by Kasey Brown
  • NJAA Can Be Career Springboard (09/14)
    Past directors share experiences and advice.
    by Barb Baylor Anderson
  • Champions in the Heartland (09/14)
    Champions named at the 2014 National Junior Angus Show.
  • Theis Named Junior Herdsman at the 2014 NJAS (09/14)
    Junior Herdsman of the Year Cody Theis chosen by his peers during the National Junior Angus Show.
    by Claire Carlson
  • Making the Grade at NJAS (09/14)
    The carcass steer contest helps Angus juniors see a bigger picture of the beef industry.
    By Jena McRell
  • NJAS Showmanship, Best of the Best (09/14)
    Top two showmen from each state compete in Indianapolis, Ind.
    by Claire Carlson
  • Auxiliary Announces Scholarship Winners (09/14)
    Auxiliary Scholarships presented to five boys, five girls in Indianpolis, Ind.
    by Linda Robbins
  • Supporting Youth Through Education (09/14)
    Scholarships totaling more than $200,000 awarded during the 2014 NJAS.
    by Carrie Horsley, Linda Robbins & Claire Carlson
  • Golden in the Heartland (09/14)
    National Junior Recognition Program awards 24 NJAA elite with gold.
    by Paige Nelson
  • Leader to Leader (09/14)
    Long-time friend honors another by endowing a scholarship in his name.
    by Carrie Horsley
  • North Carolina Junior Leads By Example (09/14)
    Brooke Harward named 2014 Jim Baldridge Outstanding Leader.
    by Claire Carlson
  • Quizmasters (09/14)
    Juniors learn about cattle industry through quiz bowl.
    by Kasey Brown
  • Destined to Design (09/14)
    Angus juniors show off their tech-savvy creativity and marketing know-how in the NJAA Graphic Design Contest.
    by Kasey Brown
  • Creative Communication (09/14)
    Juniors use imagination in winning creative-writing entries.
    Compiled by Kasey Brown
  • Fan Favorite Photo Contest (09/14)
    Photo contest on social media gives exposure to young photographers.
    by Kasey Brown
  • At the Backdrop (09/14)
    Juniors were recognized for their accomplishments July 11 during the 2014 National Junior Angus Show Awards Ceremony.
    compiled by Shauna Rose Hermel
  • The Scoop Transitions to Media Crew (09/14)
    NJAA members learn of journalism and communications through Media Crew opportunity.
    by Kasey Brown
  • Long-distance Transportation (09/14)
    Cattle can be transported long distances comfortably with these tips.
    by Kasey Brown
  • No Crutch Needed (09/14)
    NJAA helps junior member overcome autism effects.
    by Kasey Brown
  • Angus Foundation Golf Tournament Grosses $13,625 (09/14)
    Rain or shine, Angus golfers continue to support education, youth and research.
    by Carrie Horsley
  • Setting an Example (09/14)
    Angus Foundation inducts three into Honorary Angus Foundation.
    by Carrie Horsley
  • NJAA Recognizes 2014 Advisors of the Year (09/14)
    Wisconsin Junior Angus Association honors their own as 2014 Advisors of the Year.
    by Carrie Horsley
  • Vet Call (09/14)
    Beef Quality Assurance Building foundations for young producers
    by Bob Larson
  • Outside the Box (09/14)
    Investing in youth
    by Tom Field
  • Next Generation (10/14)
    Postcard from an NJAA director, state spotlights
    compiled by Kasey Brown
  • Opening Eyes, Opening Doors (10/14)
    Leaders Engaged in Angus Development unites juniors from across the country.
    — by Jena McRell
  • Key 5: Continuing Education
  • Looking Ahead (05/15)
    The 2015 Angus Means Business National Convention & Trade Show offers expanded opportunities Nov. 3-5 in Overland Park, Kan.
    by Jena McRell
  • Making Choices (03/15)
    Cattlemen’s College® offered 25 educational session choices.
    by Kasey Brown, Kindra Gordon & Troy Smith
  • Experience Wins Kansas Angus Carcass Data Project (09/14)
    Producers get data, make money on quality cattle.
    by Kaitlin Morgan
  • Partnerships Create Value (09/14)
    Continuing education for veterinarians helps producers improve their bottom line.
    by Nicole Lane
  • BLI Bridges Industry Gaps (09/14)
    From strands of DNA to sizzling steaks, Beef Leaders Institute participants witnessed it all.
    by Paige Nelson
  • First-generation Producers Give Back (09/14)
    BLI graduates choose to give back to the Angus Foundation.
    by Carrie Horsley & Linda Robbins
  • Calling All Cattlemen to Kansas City (10/14)
    The first-ever Angus Means Business National Convention & Trade Show appeals to everyone involved in producing quality beef.
    by Jena McRell
  • Volunteering to Learn (10/14)
    South Dakota cattleman earns CAB Progressive Partner Award.
    by Miranda Reiman
  • Continuing Your Education (10/14)
    YCC participants share their view on why participating in and hosting such events are important to the individual and to the industry.
    by Shauna Rose Hermel
  • Key 6: Herd Health
  • Caring for Cows and Calves (04/15)
    Cattle Industry Convention highlights.
    by Kasey Brown, Miranda Reiman & Troy Smith
  • Livestock Show Animal Health Workshop (03/15)
    Workshop participants learn aspects of show animal care.
    by Blair Fannin
  • The Quick & the Deadly (02/15)
    A lethal bacteria lives in the gut of healthy animals and waits for its moment to strike.
    by Paige Nelson

  • BVD Testing Could Pay Off Big (11/14)
    by Katie Allen
  • Repro Tracks (09/14)
    Venereal diseases
    by Cliff Lamb
  • Valued Partner (09/14)
    Seedstock producers and their veterinarians build strong working partnerships to keep herds healthy.
    by Joann Pipkin
  • Should You Step Up Biosecurity? (09/14)
    Common sense and a plan are best for beef breeders.
    by Barb Baylor Anderson
  • Watch Your Step (09/14)
    Recognize common bovine hoof diseases.
    by Shelby Alyssa Mettlen
  • Mycoplasma bovis (09/14)
    Mycoplasma bovis plays a part in BRDC; prevention is key.
    by Troy Smith
  • Key 7: Ag Policy
  • Policy Matters (04/15)
    Cattle Industry Convention alerts cattlemen to timely policy matters.
    by Kasey Brown & Troy Smith
  • Finding the Fit: Cattle and the Forest Service (02/15)
    Hoping to establish trust and communication between ranchers and Forest Service, Idaho Farm Bureau organizes a cattle allotment range tour.
    by Paige Nelson
  • Beef Business (11/14)
    A look at current issues affecting the cattle industry
    compiled by Linda Robbins
  • Cattle Producers Discuss Policy Priorities (10/14)
    NCBA members addressed policy priorities at the 2014 Cattle Industry Summer Conference in Denver, passing new resolutions and directives for the 2014 Policy Agenda.
    — NCBA release
  • Positive Market Outlook (10/14)
    ‘Perfect storm’ points to rosy picture for cattle industry, according to CattleFax analyst.
    — NCBA release
  • Cattle Operations Honored for Stewardship Efforts (10/14)
    — NCBA release
  • Checkoff Return on Investment (10/14)
    — Release by Cattlemen's Beef Promotion and Research Board & NCBA
  • Beef Business (10/14)
    A look at current issues affecting the cattle industry
    — compiled by Kasey Brown
  • Key 8: Animal Welfare
  • Easy Does It (10/14)
    Cow-calf environment, management and care support quality beef.
    — by Kaitlin Morgan
  • Understanding Animal Welfare (10/14)
    The age-old question of “How should we treat animals?” still remains.
    — by Kasey Brown
  • Hands-on Beef Cattle Welfare (10/14)
    ISBCW offers hands-on workshop to start symposium.
    — by Kasey Brown
  • Feet, Legs and Welfare (10/14)
    Speakers share how lameness affects welfare and, thus, performance.
    — by Kasey Brown & Troy Smith
  • Practical Welfare (10/14)
    Speakers offer management changes to improve the welfare of beef cattle.
    — by Kasey Brown & Troy Smith
  • Farm-to-Fork Perceptions (10/14)
    Perceptions of animal welfare vary between production sectors; speakers urge to reconcile.
    — by Kasey Brown & Troy Smith
  • Economics of Care (10/14)
    Economist explains supply and demand aspects of animal welfare, including pain management.
    — by Kasey Brown, associate editor
  • Healthy and Happy (10/14)
    Reseachers look into improving health through welfare management.
    — by Kasey Brown & Troy Smith
  • Emerging Research (10/14)
    Research shared on technologies, cow-calf assessments, transportation, and balking behavior.
    — by Kasey Brown, associate editor, & Troy Smith, field editor
  • Key 9: Consumer Relations
  • AGventure Excitement (05/15)
    Elaborate education exhibits educate nearly 2.5 million Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™ attendees.
    by Kasey Brown
  • Ag Math, Ag English, Ag Social Studies (02/15)
    She once turned her nose up at the smell of manure; now, this city girl advocates for agriculture, saying farmers and overalls are no longer synonymous.
    by Paige Nelson
  • Quality and Safety First (11/14)
    Certified Angus Beef LLC requiring Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certification of new and existing processors.
    by Crystal Meier
  • Tell How and Why Beef is Better (11/14)
    Beef industry needs to do better job of tooting its own horn, says meat scientist.
    by Miranda Reiman
  • Consumer Focus (11/14)
    What does ‘the sustainable American dinner plate’ look like?
    by K-State Research & Extension
  • Tell Your Story, and Tell It Often (11/14)
    by Troy Smith
  • High Quality on the High Seas (10/14)
    Norwegian Cruise Line includes CAB® when planning meals for 4,000 at sea for a week.
    — by Miranda Reiman
  • The Crossroads of Beef Sustainability (10/14)
    Cattle producers take it for granted, because it’s their livelihood and their legacy. Meanwhile, the rest of society is scratching their heads, asking: ‘Just how sustainable is beef production?’
    — by John Robinson
  • Young Consumers (10/14)
    Ag literacy can start with the next generation of beef buyers.
    — by Kasey Brown
  • Fostering ‘Animal Connections’ (10/14)
    Mobile exhibit showcases important role of animals — and veterinarians — in our world.
    — By Kindra Gordon
  • Through the Eyes of a Child (10/14)
    More than 800 third-grade students attend an annual Farm Day hosted by the Southeast Missouri Cattlemen’s Association.
    — by Jena McRell
  • Evaluating the Nutrient Profile of Beef (10/14)
    It is possible to genetically change the nutrient profile of beef. The question is: Should we?
    — by Kasey Brown
  • Big Skies, Big Heart (10/14)
    Texas cattleman gives the gift of quality beef.
    — by Katrina Huffstutler
  • Foodservice Marketer’s Viewpoint (10/14)
    With more than 30 years of experience in all phases of the meat business, Steve Sands shares perspective on the industry — and what prompted his company to establish its own beef brand.
    — by Kindra Gordon
  • Vet Call (10/14)
    Animal welfare and consumer relations
    — by Bob Larson
  • Strong Early Results for Digital Campaign (10/14)
    — by Melissa Sandfort
  • Checkoff Return on Investment (10/14)
    ROI study shows $11.20 return on checkoff dollar. — by Melissa Sandfort
  • Agricultural Evolution (10/14)
    Technology continues to advance, alter the industry.
    — by Kindra Gordon
  • Communicating with Millennials (01/15)
    Checkoff-funded study evaluates perceptions and effective methods to better reach millennial consumers.
    by Kindra Gordon
  • Key 10: Herd Goals
  • Millennial Manpower (02/15)
    Mentored by experience, set free to embrace change and make waves, the millennial generation is managing 21st century cattle differently.
    by Paige Nelson

  • Big Goals Require Big Plans (11/14)
    South Dakota couple brings consumer focus back to the ranch.
    by Miranda Reiman
  • Angus Stakes (10/14)
    Define your breeding program
    — by Shauna Rose Hermel
  • Dream in Motion (10/14)
    Kansas seedstock ranch makes its mark through hard work, quiet leadership.
    — by Steve Suther
  • Risk and Reward (10/14)
    One rancher’s tale of sacrifice, passion and perseverance.
    — by Miranda Reiman
  • By the Numbers (10/14)
    Setting goals
    — by Dan Moser
  • Common Goal (10/14)
    Three herds share common goal of building and maintaining a reputable seedstock operation by satisfying customer niche.
    — by Troy Smith
  • Icing on the Cake (10/14)
    Proven Angus genetics saved this Kansas herd.
    — by Kaitlin Morgan
  • Family Genetics, Customer Satisfaction (10/14)
    This family uses the talents within its own gene pool to produce the best Angus cattle it can to help customers put premium beef on the table.
    — by Nicole Lane
  • Finding the Best (10/14)
    Inspired by ultrasound, these Kansans distill the essence of greatness.
    — by Kaitlin Morgan
  • Outside the Box (10/14)
    The target — by Tom Field
  • Communicating with Millennials (01/15)
    Checkoff-funded study evaluates perceptions and effective methods to better reach millennial consumers.
    by kindra gordon
  • Key 11: Winter Feed Management

  • Ridin’ Herd (12/14)
    Grazing corn crop residue with beef cows
    — by Rick Rasby
  • New Initiative Aims to Provide Year-round Grazing System (11/14)
    by the Noble Foundation
  • Fill in the Gaps with Forage Soybeans (11/14)
    Studies show forage soybeans a good protein source for cows and heifers.
    by Becky Mills
  • Ridin’ Herd (10/14)
    Determining how much forage a beef cow can consume daily
    — by Rick Rasby
  • Angus Advisor (10/14)
    October herd management tips
    — by Scott Greiner, David Lalman, Mark McCann, Randy Perry & Justin Sexten
  • Bale Grazing: A Treatment for ‘Barnyard Blues’ (10/14)
    Graze cattle and fertilize pastures all winter long.
    — by Paige Nelson
  • Making ‘Badlands’ Better (10/14)
    Building soil organic matter is why this North Dakota producer likes bale grazing in the winter.
    — by Kindra Gordon
  • Measure Up Winter Cow Feed Options (10/14)
    Corn-crop residue is still a cost-effective alternative.
    — by Barb Baylor Anderson
  • Put Up Quality Silage (10/14)
    Researcher and cattlemen give tips to improve silage quality.
    — by Kasey Brown
  • Turn Your Irrigating System into a Fencing System (10/14)
    Pivot fence allocates a specific amount of fall/winter forage with minimal labor required.
    — by Paige Nelson
  • Off-Stream and Uphill (10/14)
    Use these simple ways to get better utilization out of pastures.
    — by Paige Nelson
  • Blizzard Lessons (10/14)
    One year later, South Dakota ranchers continue working to rebound from Atlas blizzard.
    — by Kindra Gordon
  • New Products (10/14)
    Feed & forage harvesting & management
    — compiled by Linda Robbins
  • Key 12: Recordkeeping
  • Login Lowdown (02/15)
    Animal search by tag or tattoo
    by Kasey Brown
  • The Big Picture (11/14)
    QB helps complete pass from ranch to consumer target.
    by Laura Conaway
  • Reading a PRC (11/14)
    Performance Registration Certificate documents ownership and genetic merit of animals registered through the American Angus Association.
    by Shauna Rose Hermel, Tonya Amen & Chris Stallo
  • Making the Switch (11/14)
    Angus breeders gain efficiency by switching from paper to electronic certificates.
    by Joann Pipkin
  • Keep Better Track of Cows (11/14)
    MaternalPlus® can help improve herd and breed.(11/14)
    by Barb Baylor Anderson
  • Vet Call (11/14)
    by Bob Larson
  • Login Lowdown (11/14)
    Sale data
    by Kasey Brown
  • GrassSnap App for Grassland Monitoring (11/14)
    App makes taking and organizing photo-plots simpler.
    by Troy Smith
  • Key 13: Business Planning
  • It Pays to Have a Plan (11/14)
    Tips to develop a farm or ranch business plan.
    by Troy Smith
  • Analyze & Act (11/14)
    10 management tactics foster ranch profitability.
    by Kindra Gordon
  • A Portrait For the Future (11/14)
    South Dakota family takes steps to ensure ranch is sustainable for generations.
    by Kindra Gordon
  • Learn to Love Volatility (11/14)
    With the proper mind-set, one risk-management expert suggests businesses can become “antifragile.”
    by Kindra Gordon
  • So, You Want Your Farm to Continue? (11/14)
    Experts say it’s never too soon to start planning for tomorrow.
    by Joann Pipkin
  • Common Ground (11/14)
    There is similarity in succession and grazing-management plans.
    by David Specht
  • Focus on the Cow Herd (11/14)
    by Kasey Brown & Troy Smith
  • Outside the Box (11/14)
    Who’s on first?
    by Tom Field
  • Key 14: Employee Management
  • Finding Good Help (11/14)
    Finding and keeping good help doesn’t have to be impossible.
    by Kasey Brown
  • Finding, Hiring, Keeping High-Caliber Ranch Employees (11/14)
    Hire the right person for the job.
    by Paige Nelson
  • Retaining Good Help (11/14)
    Ninety percent of new employees decide whether to stay in the first six months on the job.
    by Paige Nelson
  • Key 15: Contingency Planning
  • Contingency Plans: Who Needs ’Em? (11/14)
    Learn to identify and correct tendencies impeding succession-plan progress.
    by David Specht
  • Transition Tips (11/14)
    Are you putting your farm or ranch at risk by not developing a transition plan?
    by Kindra Gordon
  • Key 16: Angus Resources
  • Do My Cows Milk Too Much? (02/15)
    Use the Optimal Milk Module to find out.
    by Heather Bradford

  • Digital Walkthrough (02/15)
    Here’s how to activate and navigate one of the newest features of the Angus Journal.
    by Shauna Rose Hermel

  • Extra Value in the Angus Journal Daily and EXTRA (02/15)
    by Kasey Brown

  • State of the Angus Business (12/14)
    The industry’s largest beef cattle breed surpasses records and continues to lead the marketplace.
    by Jena McRell & Shauna Rose Hermel
  • Something for Everyone (12/14)
    NJAA experiences run the gamut.
    by Barb Baylor Anderson
  • Angus Genetics Inc. (12/14)
    AGI has been an instrumental component of Angus success and will continue to serve and innovate.
    by Troy Smith
  • Giving Back (12/14)
    Iowan reviews term on Angus board, culminating as CAB chairman.
    by Steve Suther
  • Leading the Business Breed (12/14)
    The American Angus Association elects new Board members, officers.
    by Jena McRell & Shauna Rose Hermel
  • Association Highlight (12/14)
    Events, deadlines of which members should be aware
    compiled by Shauna Rose Hermel
  • Brand News (12/14)
    News and highlights from Certified Angus Beef LLC
    compiled by Laura Conaway
  • Key 17: Genomics
  • By the Numbers (11/14)
    What’s up with recalibration?
    Tonya Amen
  • Key 18: Industry Involvement & Networking

  • Association Highlights (05/15)
    Events, deadlines of which members should be aware
    compiled by Shauna Rose Hermel
  • Looking Ahead (05/15)
    The 2015 Angus Means Business National Convention & Trade Show offers expanded opportunities Nov. 3-5 in Overland Park, Kan.
    by Jena McRell
  • Association Highlights (04/15)
    Events, deadlines of which members should be aware
    compiled by Shauna Rose Hermel
  • Association Highlights (03/15)
    Events, deadlines of which members should be aware
    — compiled by Shauna Rose Hermel
  • Association Highlights (02/15)
    Events, deadlines of which members should be aware
    compiled by Kasey Brown
  • Embrace the Unexpected (02/15)
    Being involved with the American Angus Auxiliary sparked a lifelong passion for Cortney Holshouser of Castalia, N.C.
    by Jena McRell
  • Association Highlights (01/15)
    Events, deadlines of which members should be aware
    compiled by Shauna Rose Hermel
  • Auxiliary Notes (01/15)
    Choose to be involved
    by Lynne Hinrichsen
  • Next Generation (01/15)
    Postcard from an NJAA director, state spotlights
    compiled by Kasey Brown
  • An Angus Homecoming (01/15)
    The American Angus Association welcomed visitors Nov. 3 in Saint Joseph, Mo.
    by Jena McRell & Carrie Horsley
  • Honoring Angus Breed Heritage (01/15)
    Four individuals were inducted into the Angus Heritage Foundation during the breed’s Awards Recognition Breakfast in Kansas City.
    by Jena McRell & Paige Nelson
  • 100 Years & Counting (01/15)
    Laflin Angus, Dahl Angus celebrated for a century in the business.
    by Jena McRell & Paige Nelson
  • Angus Recognizes ROV Show Winners (01/15)
    Top Roll of Victory winners honored during the Awards Recognition Breakfast.
    by Jena McRell
  • Miss American Angus Crowned in Kansas City (01/15)
    Madison Butler, Vincennes, Ind., chosen to represent the Angus breed in 2015.
    by Jena McRell
  • Facing Adversity (01/15)
    Newly crowned Miss American Angus shares her perspective on facing adversity.
    by Madison Butler
  • Raise Your Hand (01/15)
    Volunteering benefits your farm, industry and future.
    by Barb Baylor Anderson
  • Women to Women, Moms to Moms (01/15)
    American National CattleWomen amp up efforts to inform consumers about beef.
    by Kindra Gordon
  • Vet Call (01/15)
    Networking in the beef industry
    by Bob Larson
  • Cattle Industry Convention Set to Sizzle in San Antonio (01/15)
    Winter convention registration open now
    by NCBA
  • Key 19: Seedstock & Genetic Selection
  • By the Numbers (05/15)
    GE-EPDs: past, present and future
    by Tonya Amen
  • By the Numbers (04/15)
    $W, a selection index for cow-calf production
    by Dan Moser
  • NCE Annoyances (04/15)
    USMARC researcher explains what annoys him with national cattle evaluation.
    by Kasey Brown
  • Solid Footing (02/15)
    American Angus Association to start collecting hoof scores to generate expected progeny differences.
    by Shauna Rose Hermel
  • Marketing Genetic Selections to Hit CAB Mark (02/15)
    CAB suggests EPD profiles based on herd composition.
    by CAB Staff
  • An Addiction That Pays (02/15)
    First commercially traded Top Dollar Angus calves pay off with $67-per-head premium.
    by Laura Nelson
  • Replacement Rationales (01/15)
    Heifer selection and development for the long haul.
    by Troy Smith
  • Genetic Selection Q&A (01/15)
    Young Angus leaders share strategies on genetic selection.
    by Kasey Brown
  • GE-EPD Best Measure (01/15)
    Combining all the information that’s known on an animal for a particular trait, the genomically enhanced expected progeny difference provides most comprehensive look at an animal’s genetic merit.
    by Shauna Rose Hermel
  • Solid Footing (01/15)
    American Angus Association to start collecting hoof scores to generate expected progeny differences.
    by Shauna Rose Hermel
  • Key 20: Herd Nutrition
  • Ridin’ Herd (04/15)
    Mineral supplementation strategies
    by Rick Rasby
  • Ridin’ Herd (03/15)
    Evaluate supplementation strategies
    by Rick Rasby
  • Choose Milk Replacer Carefully (03/15)
    Check the label for protein and fat content.
    by Troy Smith
  • Vet Call (02/15)
    Beef cow nutrition and herd reproductive strategies
    by Bob Larson
  • Ridin’ Herd (02/15)
    Confinement systems can compete for managing of beef cows
    by Rick Rasby
  • Supplementing Protein (02/15)
    Know when and how to supplement protein to help your cow herd perform.
    by Heather Smith Thomas
  • Repro Tracks (02/15)
    Heifer development
    by Cliff Lamb
  • Ridin’ Herd (11/14)
    Sample forages for quality
    by Rick Rasby
  • Make Time to Condition Score Cows (11/14)
    by Katie Allen
  • Focus on the Cow Herd (11/14)
    by Kasey Brown & Troy Smith
  • Ridin’ Herd (09/14)
    Assess condition at weaning
    by Rick Rasby
  • Ridin’ Herd (08/14)
    Consider storing distillers’ grain
    — by Rick Rasby
  • Vet Call (08/14)
    Nutritional aspects of cattle health
    — by Bob Larson
  • Key 21: Marketing Seedstock

  • Branding Iron (05/15)
    Streaming goes mainstream
    by Eric Grant
  • Branding Iron (04/15)
    Redefining possibilities
    by Eric Grant
  • Technology-driven Seedstock Marketing (02/15)
    Customer satisfaction is still No. 1 goal.
    by Joann Pipkin

  • Step Up Your Game (02/15)
    Effective marketing requires a solid plan.
    by Barb Baylor Anderson

  • Seedstock Marketing 101 (02/15)
    Merchandising professors offer tips to set your brand apart.
    by Troy Smith

  • Connect With Your Cattle Customers (02/15)
    Much of marketing is communication enhanced with a strategy.
    by Kasey Brown

  • Fit for the Ring (02/15)
    Passion becomes full-time profession.
    by Barb Baylor Anderson

  • Brand Building for Individual Angus Producers (02/15)
    National Angus Convention & Trade Show workshops offer tips on marketing.
    by Barb Baylor Anderson

  • Buying and Selling Online (02/15)
    Online auction provides marketing alternative.
    by Barb Baylor Anderson

  • Add Value with Commercial Programs (02/15)
    by Barb Baylor Anderson

  • Outside the Box (02/15)
    Selling solutions — by Tom Field

  • Request Sale-day Kit (11/14)
    by American Angus Association
  • Key 22: Reproductive Efficiency
  • Angus Advisor (02/15)
    February herd management tips
    by Scott Greiner, David Lalman, Mark McCann, Randy Perry & Justin Sexten

  • Managing Reproduction (02/15)
    Speakers: Perry, Smith & Patterson
    by Kasey Brown

  • Manage for Success (02/15)
    Speakers: Gifford, Johnson & Dalton
    by Katy Kemp & Troy Smith

  • Environmental Impact (02/15)
    Speakers: Lalman, Hansen & Gilliam
    by Kasey Brown, Katy Kemp & Troy Smith

  • AI Cost vs. Return (02/15)
    Speakers: Lamb, Wann & Brown —
    by Kasey Brown, Katy Kemp & Troy Smith

  • Use Technologies Wisely (02/15)
    Speakers: J. Hall & Stroud
    by Kasey Brown & Katy Kemp

  • Male Fertility (02/15)
    Speakers: Wetteman, R. Hall, & Spangler
    by Kasey Brown & Troy Smith

  • Don’t Stack Problems (02/15)
    Speakers: Van Eenennaam & Gray
    by Kasey Brown & Troy Smith

  • Developing Replacements (02/15)
    Speakers: Funston, Boehmer & Rolf
    by Kasey Brown, Katy Kemp & Troy Smith

  • Spreading Genetic Wealth (11/14)
    Artificial insemination is one of the keys to rapid genetic improvement.
    by T.S. Gatz
  • Increase Pregnancy Rate (11/14)
    Steps to get more cows and heifers pregnant.
    by T.S. Gatz
  • Ridin’ Herd (01/15)
    Manage cow body condition to increase revenue
    by Rick Rasby
  • Key 23: Developing Seedstock
  • Get ’em Work-ready (02/15)
    Breeders identify their low-cost strategies for developing bulls.
    by Joann Pipkin

  • A Reasoned Approach (02/15)
    Bull-development program allows bulls to show what their calves can achieve in the feedlot while still emphasizing the efficiency necessary for the cow herd.
    by Troy Smith
  • Key 24: Customer Service
  • Tune in to your Customers (03/15)
    Satisfaction requires good listening skills.
    by Barb Baylor Anderson
  • Invested in Customer Success (03/15)
    North Dakota ranch is striving for remarkable customer service.
    by Troy Smith
  • Service and Solutions (03/15)
    Customer service before and after the sale provides solutions.
    by Kasey Brown
  • Serving Education (03/15)
    Seedstock producer provides education about quality-improving technology.
    by Kasey Brown
  • Outside the Box (03/15)
    The customer
    by Tom Field
  • Key 25: Research
  • Vet Call (05/15)
    Cattle-handling facilities
    by Bob Larson
  • Movin’ Forward (04/15)
    On the forefront
    by Bryce Schumann
  • Research Advances (04/15)
    BIF committee considers ongoing beef research.
    by Troy Smith
  • Vet Call (03/15)
    Role of research for the future of beef production
    by Bob Larson
  • Demand Study (03/15)
    Quality Builds Future for Beef
    by Steve Suther
  • We Still Want Beef (03/15)
    Research shows consumers prefer beef and are willing to pay for quality beef.
    by Miranda Reiman
  • Where Do Consumers Get Beef Info? (03/15)
    South Dakota survey provides insight.
    by Kindra Gordon
  • Confidence in Ag Improving (03/15)
    New surveys suggest consumers feeling more comfortable, confident with food production.
    by Kindra Gordon
  • The Feed Supply (03/15)
    Global feed survey shows growth in line with meat production.
    by Barb Baylor Anderson
  • Green Feed (03/15)
    Biofuel industry creates another alternative protein supplement for cattle.
    by Paige Nelson
  • Key 26: Technology & Innovation
  • Repro Tracks (03/15)
    Sexed semen
    by Cliff Lamb
  • Branding Iron (03/15)
    Nipping at our heels
    by Eric Grant
  • Ask ‘Blue Sky’ Questions (03/15)
    Gain new perspective by looking at things differently.
    by Kindra Gordon
  • Key 27: Pasture Management
  • What’s Growing in Your Pastures? (04/15)
    Revisit and adjust forage plans regularly.
    by Barb Baylor Anderson
  • Serious Stewardship (04/15)
    Leopold Conservation Award winner focuses on long-term health of the range to guide grazing management strategies.
    by Troy Smith
  • Know What’s in Your Forage (04/15)
    Clear picture can minimize costs, maximize production.
    by Barb Baylor Anderson
  • Cover Cropping for Cattlemen (04/15)
    Cover cropping mimics Mother Nature.
    by Paige Nelson
  • Grazing For Soil Health (04/15)
    Practices that support healthy livestock also build and maintain healthy soils.
    by Troy Smith
  • Soil Health 101 (04/15)
    One of the world’s most precious resources deserves special management attention on farms and ranches. Two soil advocates explain why.
    by Kindra Gordon
  • Replace Toxic Fescue When Beef Prices are Good (04/15)
    Good beef prices give herd owners a chance to upgrade pastures to remove toxic fescue.
    by Duane Dailey
  • No Better Time (04/15)
    With land values high and record profitability in the cow-calf sector, consider investing in weed control.
    by Kindra Gordon
  • Key 28: Grazing Strategies
  • Grazing Management to Rebuild the Cow Herd (04/15)
    Use available land, labor and knowledge resources to expand the cow herd.
    by Kasey Brown
  • Give Hay the Boot (04/15)
    Rotational grazing allows North Carolina producer to graze his cattle year-round.
    by Becky Mills
  • Ugly Pastures, Pretty Bottom Line (04/15)
    Strip-grazing and maximizing use of low-quality forages turns a profit.
    by Becky Mills
  • Key 29: Water
  • Vet Call (04/15)
    by Bob Larson
  • Key 30: Facilities
  • Backgrounding Facility Designs (05/15)
    Producers design feeding facilities for functionality.
    by Paige Nelson
  • Mimic Mother Nature (05/15)
    Calving barn should meet basic needs.
    by Barb Baylor Anderson
  • In Search of the Perfect Cattle-Working Facility (05/15)
    Now may be the time to invest in a working-facility upgrade and some low-stress cattle-handling demonstrations.
    by Troy Smith
  • Vet Call (05/15)
    Cattle-handling facilities
    by Bob Larson
  • Key 31: Cattle Handling
  • In Search of the Perfect Cattle-Working Facility (05/15)
    Now may be the time to invest in a working-facility upgrade and some low-stress cattle-handling demonstrations.
    by Troy Smith
  • Key 32: Equipment
  • Outside the Box (05/15)
    The duck blind
    by Tom Field
  • Key 33: Four-Legged Helpers
  • What Once Was Wild (02/15)
    A photographic reminder of the Old West.
    by Carrie Heitman

  • Key 34: Marketing Commercial Cattle
  • Head Back to School (02/15)
    USDA program may offer niche beef market.
    by Barb Baylor Anderson
  • Seeking Top Dollar (11/14)
    New program seeks to identify superior cattle before they leave the ranch, helping producers capture additional value.
    by Greg Henderson
  • Key 35: Being Neighborly*

    *Keys with an asterisk do not yet have published articles associated with them.