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News Update

December 13, 2016

Indiana Farm Recognized
as a Historic Angus Herd

Coverdale Angus near Frankton, Ind., has raised registered Angus for more than 50 years. The fourth-generation family operation has built a legacy of raising quality cattle in Indiana and is known for producing high-performing cattle in both the showring and out in the pasture.

The American Angus Association was proud to honor their dedication to the Angus breed by recognizing Coverdale Angus as a Historic Angus Herd.

The Coverdales were presented a certificate during the recent National Angus Tour, hosted by the Indiana Angus Association prior to the 2016 Angus Convention. Coverdale Angus was a featured stop on the tour, where participants were able to view their top-end genetics firsthand.

Bob Coverdale started the herd in 1958 and purchased a lifetime membership to the American Angus Association in 1965. He chose the Angus breed because of its ability to produce a high-quality end product, command premium prices and offer superior maternal traits for raising profitable calves.

Continue reading the Angus news release online.

Show-Me-Select Fall Sale Tops Average Prices

The last sale of the year for Show-Me-Select replacement heifers averaged $2,054 on 240 head. That topped six fall sales of spring-calving heifers. Bidders packed the barn at F&T Livestock Market, Palmyra, Mo., starting the first lot at $2,000, a price that became common.

Early, a pen of five Angus crossbreds topped the sale at $2,800 each for Keithley/Jackson Farm, Frankford, Mo. Two SimAngus cross heifers from Prairie View Farms, Monroe City, Mo., sold for $2,600 each for second-high.

Both top consignors entered sales every year since the start at Palmyra. The Dec. 10 sale marked the 20th anniversary of Show-Me-Select sales. Sales at Joplin and Palmyra were pilot projects for an idea brought to Missouri by David Patterson, MU Extension beef specialist.

“A sign of success is the rate of repeat buyers,” Patterson said. “Buyers find added value in the Show-Me-Select heifers.”

For more information, view the MU news release online.

R-CALF USA Wins First Round In Beef Checkoff Case

On May 2, R-CALF USA filed a lawsuit against the National Beef Checkoff program. The lawsuit alleges it is unconstitutional for the government to allow private beef councils, like the Montana State Beef Council, to keep and spend one-half of all checkoff dollars to pay for private speeches when not all members of the state agree with such speeches.

R-CALF USA members disagree with the beef council’s private speech concerning the idea that foreign beef is the same as, and is just as good as, beef produced exclusively from cattle born, raised and slaughtered in the United States of America.

A hearing was held on Oct. 25 before a United States magistrate judge. On Dec. 12, the U.S. magistrate judge issued his findings and recommendations in this case. The judge recommends that the U.S. District Court for the District of Montana grant R-CALF’s request for a preliminary injunction.

For more information, view the R-CALF news release online.

Ralco Launches Fight Strong® for Cattle

Ralco announced Dec. 13 that it has launched a new product, Fight Strong® for Cattle, a natural feed additive for cattle that promotes intake and immunity to help overcome production stress. The product does not require a veterinary feed directive (VFD) because it is formulated with patent-pending natural Strong Animals® technologies.

Fight Strong for Cattle was developed to help reduce production stress from transportation or handling, poor appetite, or a suppressed immune system. The easy-to-use product is typically fed for 28 days and is available as a pellet or as a concentrate for further manufacturing. Ralco Beef Technical Lead Dennis Dieterich said the patented and patent-pending technologies available in Fight Strong for Cattle provide producers with an effective natural product that drives performance during times of stress.

For more information, visit

Beef Cattle Short Course set for January

The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service and Bexar County Agriculture/Natural Resources Committee will present the 2017 Beef Cattle Short Course in San Antonio during two consecutive Thursdays in January.

The course will be Jan. 12 and Jan. 19 in Room 101 of the Performing Arts building of Palo Alto College, 1400 Villaret Blvd. Registration for both days will begin at 6 p.m.

“This short course will address many of the health issues in beef cattle, as well as important land management issues and techniques,” said Sam Womble, AgriLife Extension agent for agriculture and natural resources for Bexar County. “There will be refreshments, door prizes and a vendor area for attendees to see some of the products and services available to them.”

Womble said Capital Farm Credit is the main corporate sponsor for the program.

Topics and presenters on Jan. 12 will be: Beef Cattle Herd Health and the Veterinary Feed Directive — What Producers Need to Know, Joe Paschal, AgriLife Extension livestock specialist, Corpus Christi.

For more information, visit the Angus Journal Virtual Library calendar of upcoming events.



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