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Listed by meeting date:



• April 28-29 — Military Entrepreneurial Project, College Station, Texas


• May 2-3 — Grass-fed Beef Conference, College Station, Texas


• May 4 — Beef Cattle and Forage Crops Field Day, Mound Valley, Ks.


• May 10 — 'Understanding the Alphabet Soup of USDA Program', Rolla, Mo.


• May 12 — Rangeland Conference, Kerrville, Texas


• May 16-17 — Multi-County Reproduction Management Workshop, Campbellton, Texas


• May 25 — Nolan County Beef Cattle Program, Roscoe, Texas


• May 25 – Spring Field Day, Garden City, Kan.


• May 31-June 3 — 2017 Beef Improvement Federation Annual Meeting and Research Symposium, Athens, Ga.

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