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News Update

June 21, 2017

The Cattlemen’s Black Book

For years, Angus producers from across the country have kept herd records using the pocket-sized Beef Record Services (BRS)/AngusSource® black books. Stacks of the books, some dating back more than 30 years, contain handwritten information about the producer’s cattle, memories of where their operations have been and where they are today.

Every detail counts when it comes to managing a profitable herd, and the American Angus Association is now accepting orders for the 2018 edition of the black book.

“Black books can be the most cost effective herd management system for your operation,” says Ginette Gottswiller, Association director of commercial programs. “They are a popular item with both registered and commercial producers of all sizes.”

The 2018 books are available in any quantity for $3 each and can be customized, free of charge, with purchases of 100 or more. Customized orders may include the operation’s logo and contact information foil stamped onto the back cover, while standard orders feature the Association’s logo.

Orders must be placed no later than July 31 and customized orders should be proofed prior to sending in the information.

Continue reading this Angus news release online.

Montana Hay Hotline Available for
Producers Affected by Drought

With the severe drought conditions affecting many throughout the state, the Montana Department of Agriculture wants to remind folks that the Hay Hotline is available to producers as an online tool to connect buyers and sellers of hay and pasture.

The department maintains the Hay Hotline as a service to the agricultural industry, making it available with the expectation that all buyers and sellers will treat each other in an equitable and lawful manner. Visit the online tool at

For more information on drought conditions in Montana, visit the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation drought management page at:

OIE to Establish a US-based Liaison Office
in College Station, Texas

Following the Executive Order 13759 by which the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) has been designated as a Public International Organization entitled to enjoy certain privileges, exemptions and immunities, the OIE announced June 21 that it will establish a liaison office in the United States of America later this year.

Created in 1924, the OIE’s missions are: (i) to ensure transparency in the global animal disease situation, (ii) to safeguard world trade by publishing health standards for international trade in animals and animal products, and (iii) to encourage international solidarity in the control of animal diseases in particular by improving the legal framework and resources of national veterinary services. With respect to its standard setting mandate, the OIE is recognized as the reference organization for animal health and zoonoses by the World Trade Organization (WTO).

For more information, read the OIE news release online.

Reproductive Vaccinations Act as Insurance Against Disease

Reproductive loss in U.S. beef herds costs cattle producers approximately $500 million per year. While research has shown that a modified-live vaccination program can be effective in helping prevent abortions caused by infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR) and persistent infection (PI) caused by bovine viral diarrhea (BVD) viruses Types 1 and 2, maintaining a strictly modified-live vaccination program that fits the working schedule can be challenging for veterinarians and producers alike.

“Vaccination is like an insurance policy,” said Daniel Scruggs, managing veterinarian with Zoetis. “It costs the producer from $450 to perhaps over $600 a year, depending on who you talk to and what numbers they use, to keep a cow and to keep her in condition to breed. Vaccines are an insurance policy against losing that pregnancy and giving that cow the best chance of carrying the pregnancy to term, so that you can realize the benefit of your investment.”

Read the full Zoetis news release online.

New Carcass Ultrasound Technology

UltraInsights Processing Lab Inc. will now accept beef cattle ultrasound images from the E.I. Medical EVO. This is the first major development in beef cattle ultrasound hardware in almost 30 years. The E.I. Medical EVO is the most advanced technology in beef carcass ultrasound to date. The EVO is durable, compact, water and dust resistant, and weighs approximately six pounds. The system also captures the fully digital signal onboard.

UltraInsights hopes that with continuous innovations to the software that collects beef carcass data, breeders can have the most accurate information available. The lab also wants to focus on the technicians and help improve their ultrasounding by simplifying the tools they need. UltraInsights has been working for nearly two years to develop processing software for the EVO.

UltraInsights Processing Lab Inc., located in Maryville, Mo., has been interpreting beef carcass images since 2002. The owners, Craig and Becky Hays, were involved with the initial centralized ultrasound processing of images at Iowa State University. The beginning of Craig’s ultrasound background takes him back to graduate school in 1990 with research projects at Auburn University.

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