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The Angus Journal Daily, formerly the Angus e-List, is a compilation of Angus industry news; information about hot topics in the beef industry; and updates about upcoming shows, sales and events. Click here to subscribe.

News Update

May 19, 2016

Future of Cattle Media

Farmers, ranchers, consumers and industry personnel have one common thread — they all receive their news and information from agricultural media. Although a fairly small industry, the agricultural media realm makes a big impact on the industry as a whole.

To celebrate that vital role and share insights on what the future of agricultural media looks like, Angus Media recently hosted an expert speaker panel as part of the Angus Productions Inc. (API) Board of Directors retreat at the Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art in Saint Joseph, Mo.

The panel was comprised of three experts from different agricultural media sectors: Patrick Gottsch, founder of Rural Media Group, which is the world’s leading provider of multimedia content dedicated to the rural and Western lifestyle; Jeanne Bernick, former editor of Top Producer magazine now working as an ag consultant with K-Coe Isom, assisting large commercial agricultural producers with resources in farm financial management, wealth management, sustainability, and food and ag policy; and Mitch Rouda, president, Farm Journal eMedia, who is responsible for managing Farm Journal’s digital media businesses, including, Farm Journal Mobile, commodity updates and other digital and data-driven products.

For more information, view the Angus news release online.

Positive Trends for the Angus Breed

As you might imagine, just like you do for your business, we constantly monitor trends. In our case, we monitor activity by members in terms of registrations, how the registrations are recorded, transfers, animal records, genetic test trends, Certified Angus Beef® (CAB®) brand sales and purebred sale prices. We compare current numbers to the immediate past year and, in some cases, to historical trends.

Here’s the good news: Registrations in March totaled 23,759 head, an increase of 3,725 cattle vs. March 2015, for a booming growth rate of 18.6% vs. a year ago. Year-to-date (YTD) we’ve registered 13,181 more head than in 2015 — a growth in registrations of 7%. That 7% growth rate, mind you, is on the heels of the 2015 record growth rate of 7.4%.

To put that into perspective, if registrations continue at their current pace, we’ll end up registering approximately 342,000 animals, which will rank 15th in all-time registrations for the Association, replacing the 341,203 head that were registered in 1963 in the rankings.

To continue reading, please access the Angus Media news article online.

Every Calf Counts

“Every calf counts.” It’s a phrase most often heard around calving season. Certainly an important time, a calf’s first two weeks of life play a vital role in its future productive success. Ensuring each addition to the herd hits the dirt with ease, vigor and a strong will to live is essential. Additionally, providing the proper vaccination protocol to treat and prevent sickness and disease in susceptible areas is good management. Long before any of that can take place, however, the calf must be conceived, and proper care for bulls is a must.

Breeding soundness exams are crucial when it comes time to turn bulls out with cows, and routine pasture checkups throughout the breeding season will help ensure bulls are working the entire season. Understanding that the fact a bull worked last year is no guarantee he’ll work the next breeding season can save both time and resources.

Read more in Angus Media news article online.

Symposium on Land and Water Rights, Estate Planning

The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service in Angelina County will host a symposium on May 20 for residents with questions on topics ranging from land and water rights to estate planning and lease negotiations.

The event, titled Land, Water and Wealth: Legal and Regulatory Symposium for East Texas Agriculture, will be hosted at the AgriLife Extension office for Angelina, 2201 S. Medford Dr. in Lufkin. It will feature attorneys Jim Bradbury of Fort Worth, who will discuss water law, easement negotiations and eminent domain, and Tiffany Lashmet, AgriLife Extension agricultural law specialist, Amarillo, who will discuss estate planning and negotiation of agriculture leases.

AgriLife Extension agent for Angelina County Cary Sims said the event is an opportunity for landowners and agricultural operators to ask questions of attorneys who are experts in their respective legal fields.

For more information, visit the Angus Journal Virtual Library calendar of upcoming events.

New Mexico 4-H Livestock Schools

The enthusiastic response to the 4-H Junior Livestock School offered regionally last year has prompted the New Mexico State University (NMSU) Cooperative Extension Service to offer two schools this summer.

The two-day schools will be in Abiquiu for the northern region on Friday and Saturday, June 17 and 18, and Truth or Consequences for the southern region on Friday and Saturday, June 24 and 25. Registration deadline is June 1 for both locations.

For more information, visit the Angus Journal Virtual Library calendar of upcoming events.



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