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The Angus Journal Daily, formerly the Angus e-List, is a compilation of Angus industry news; information about hot topics in the beef industry; and updates about upcoming shows, sales and events. Click here to subscribe.

News Update

March 3, 2017

Angus Foundation Announces
2017 NCBA Young Cattlemen’s Conference Rep.

The Angus Foundation is pleased to announce that third-generation Angus breeder Lake Elliott, of Robert Elliott & Sons Angus, Adams, Tenn., has been selected as the Angus representative to the 2017 Young Cattlemen’s Conference (YCC), hosted by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA).

NCBA’s YCC program is an opportunity for young leaders to gain an understanding of all aspects of the beef industry from pasture to plate and showcase the industry’s involvement in policy making, issues management, research, education and marketing.

“The opportunity to learn more about all aspects of our end product and the placement/regulation of that product is very important to my operation,” Elliott says. “Also, the amount of interaction with legislators in the YCC program allows for some guidance in what needs to be done to ensure a future.”

Robert Elliott & Sons Angus raises 260 registered Angus cattle, and Elliott serves as herdsman for the operation.

Continue reading in the Angus news release online.

11 Months of Grazing

Near Gordon, Neb., Plum Thicket Farms offers up some impressive numbers. The operation includes 563 acres of irrigated farmland, 1,774 acres of dryland farm ground, 2,230 acres of deeded native pasture, 1,850 acres of leased pasture and 380 acres of leased cornstalks. In 2015, they managed nearly 300 cow-calf pairs, 99 yearling heifers, 499 stocker steers from May through July, and a couple hundred head of steers and yearling heifers they carried over to 2016.

They strive to maintain an 11-month grazing season and have produced 2 pounds (lb.) per day average gains on calves grazing sorghum swaths.

Of their family operation, Nancy Peterson says, “Pasture is our most limiting factor.” However, she adds that the secret to their success has been through the reliance on annual forages integrated with the use of irrigated crop ground and dryland pastures.

For more information, view the Angus Journal feature online.

Lamb Named Department Head for Texas A&M Animal Science

Cliff Lamb has been named department head for animal science at Texas A&M University (TAMU) in College Station, according to Mark Hussey, vice chancellor and dean for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Lamb comes to Texas A&M after serving as assistant director of the University of Florida-North Florida Research and Education Center. In Florida, Lamb was responsible for administrative oversight of the animal science programs with primary roles overseeing budgets, staff and marketing of livestock, as well as research, extension and teaching programs.

“This is an exciting opportunity to come to Texas,” Lamb said. “When you speak to leaders across the country, they talk about A&M animal science being one of the premier departments in Texas. My vision for the department is for it to be the most recognized in the nation for research, teaching and extension.”

For more information, view the TAMU news release online.

Fortified Around Family

Family takes center stage at BoPat Farms in Bradford, Tenn. Headed by patriarch Larry Patterson, the farm has a strong legacy of hard work, good character, and devotion to cattle, family and the Lord.

Patterson is the grandson of an Angus breeder and grew up in the livestock feeder business. After he married his wife, whose family had a diversified farming operation, they worked in many different aspects of agriculture, including row crops, hogs and, with the influence of Patterson, Angus cattle. The first Angus heifers were purchased in 1967, and the farm was christened BoPat Farms after his wife’s maiden name, Bolton, and his surname, Patterson.

With almost 50 years of experience raising Angus cattle, Patterson says they’ve built their herd of around 250 cows from just 10 original cows, with most of the growth being built from within the herd.

“We’ve bought very few other cows,” Patterson says. “I get a lot of joy out of watching the herd develop based on the breeding decisions we make over time.”

Read more of the Angus Journal feature online.

Leadership Transitions at AFA

It is the beginning of a new fiscal year at Agriculture Future of America (AFA). The organization is beginning its new year with both new student and staff leadership.

In the month of January, AFA welcomed Traci Via and Ashley Collins to the team. Via is the new director of development and communications, and Collins is the director of collegiate relations. Together the two will work with Mark Stewart to coordinate AFA’s external relations. March 2, was Stewart’s first official day as both president and CEO. This is the end of a leadership transition process announced two years ago.

In addition to this new staff leadership, AFA has selected 10 student advisory team members and 19 campus ambassadors to serve for the 2017-2018 year. These students represent 29 schools from 25 states. During their year of service, these students will interact with agribusiness leaders, campus faculty and fellow students as they represent AFA.

For more information, view the AFA news release online.



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