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With the November 2012 issue we are unveiling a new feature to your Angus Journal subscription — a digital version available online. This new format provides a means to view the Journal in its entirety a week before the magazine arrives in your mailbox. Viewing the issue online will allow you to follow hotlinks to websites referenced in editorial and advertisements with a click of a button. As a digital reader, you will be able to access linked videos, and you’ll be able to share stories and advertisements with the touch of a button.

Step 1: Subscribe

To access this feature, you must be a subscriber. So, the first step in accessing the digital version is to subscribe to the print Angus Journal. (Click here to subscribe.) Current subscribers will have access to all issues in the digital archive, which will begin with the October 2012 issue. Keep in mind, your digital access will expire if you allow your subscription to lapse.

Step 2: Sign up for AJ login

To access this option, you need to sign up for Angus Journal Login. Through the login feature you will be able to manage your Angus Journal subscription account and access digital editions online.


Signing up is simple. Go to Enter your customer code, email address (twice in order to verify the email) and ZIP code, then click submit.


To find your customer code, look above your name on the mailing label of your Angus Journal. A visual example is provided on the login signup page. The October 2012 issue came in a polybag, so you may need to refer back to an earlier issue (July, for instance), or check the November issue’s label. The customer code will correspond to your American Angus Association membership code, but if you have more than one membership, you’ll need to be sure to use the one that your Angus Journal is under. Another place to locate your customer code is on your membership or subscription renewal form.


After filling in your customer code, email and ZIP code for Angus Journal Login, click submit. We’ll send you a randomly generated password.

Step 3: Manage account

Use your customer code and password to log in at


From the login menu you will be able to change your password, change the email attached to your Angus Journal subscription, change the mailing address for the print version of your magazine, renew your subscription and access the digital archive.

Step 4: Access your digital Journal

You will have several ways to access digital issues:


  1. 1. Use the “Link to the digital edition of the Angus Journal” menu option on the login menu. Following this link will take you to the Journal’s digital archive. You’ll be able to select which issue you want to read. When you click on an issue cover, you will be asked for a username and password. Use your customer code for the username and the password that we emailed to you (or the one you chose if you changed your password through Angus Journal Login).
  1. 2. Use the link on the Angus Journal’s homepage, We will provide links to the current issue and to the digital archive.
  1. 3. Use the link provided in the issue announcement. We will email subscribers a link when a new issue becomes available.

Bells and whistles

One of the advantages of having the digital version available online is that you will have access to the issue a week to 10 days before it arrives in your mailbox.


The digital edition will be a replica of the print edition — meaning it will contain the editorial and the advertising. Fully searchable, you will be able to search for a topic or an advertiser and go straight to the page.


The “Table of Contents” will hotlink to articles within the issue. Website addresses, or URLs, in the copy or in advertising will hotlink to make accessing the referenced material quick and easy.


We will be able to include more features down the road, including video, late-breaking features and supplemental sections. Please sign up, and let us know what you think.


Thank you for your support of the Angus Journal. Please let us know how we can maximize the value of the magazine — in print and/or digital, as a reader and/or as an advertiser — to you.



Shauna Hermel, editor

LaVera Spire, publications and production manager

Terry Cotton, general manager


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