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It’s going to be a busy summer

We have a lot of new things to tell you about following the conclusion of the February meeting of the Angus Productions Inc. (API) Board of Directors. Click here for highlights of the full Board Meeting. I’ll focus on a few items that offer you opportunities.
Celebrate our 25th anniversary
This July the Angus Journal will celebrate its 25th anniversary under ownership of the American Angus Association. The Angus Journal itself is much older than that. It was first published Aug. 10, 1919, as The Aberdeen-Angus Journal by Fred Hahne of Webster City, Iowa. The Association Board approved the purchase of the Angus Journal at its November 1978 meeting. The July 1979 issue was the first published under Association ownership.

The partnership has been a rewarding one to API and to the Association. We’re going to celebrate the success of that partnership — and other valued partnerships in the Angus industry — with the July 2004 issue.

The Board has given us permission to roll back advertising prices to 1979 levels for this one issue. That means you can buy a standard black-and-white ad in the July issue for $595 per page. See the ad on page 160 of the April Angus Journal for more details. For personal assistance, contact your regional manager or advertising assistants Doneta Brown (dbrown@angusjournal.com; phone Ext.: 289) and Rich Masoner (rmasoner@angusjournal.com; phone Ext.: 223).

We hope you’ll take the opportunity to join the celebration and shine a spotlight on the partners you value in this keepsake edition of the Angus Journal.

Reaching commercial producers
Reinforcing its commitment to the commercial cattlemen who buy Angus seedstock, the API Board also approved publication of a July issue of the Angus Beef Bulletin. This creates a fifth edition of the tabloid publication that serves as the communications link to the commercial producer.

At the same time, the Board removed a postal stipulation that limited the circulation of the Angus Beef Bulletin. In effect, the Board vote will move us to a circulation of 80,000 in July, making the Angus Beef Bulletin an even more attractive advertising medium for Angus producers who focus on commercial customers (click here for advertising rates and deadlines).

The reception the Angus Beef Bulletin is receiving among commercial cattlemen is uplifting. The publication is earning a reputation for its focus on practical, production-oriented articles that show commercial cattlemen how they can make the most of their Angus genetics.

The July issue will help us inform these Angus customers of updates to Association programs, options for marketing their calves this fall, feeding options, tips for winter feeding and much more.

Other Board highlights
Other items that were passed during the Board meetings of the Association, API, Certified Angus Beef LLC (CAB) and the Angus Foundation include:
• a rule eliminating the use of aerosol products at Association-sanctioned events;
• an opportunity to convert paper registrations to electronically stored registrations at no cost from June 1-Sept. 30;
• a revised CAB budget to reflect export market closings;
• availability of the interactive component of the $Values May 1; and
• an optional "all-natural" component to the AngusSource

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