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NCBA Members Set Policy Priorities for 2004

Cattle producers from across the country set priorities and outlined policy for their national organization in late January during the National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA)'s Annual Meeting at the 2004 Cattle Industry Convention and Trade Show. Thousands of cattle producers joined government officials and cattle industry representatives at the event in Phoenix, Arizona.

After days of Committee meetings, regional meetings and group forums, the members of the NCBA passed resolutions that address specific concerns. Numerous new resolutions were developed in response to the Dec. 23 identification of a single imported cow with Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE). Policy initiatives passed, renewed, and amended at the 2004 Convention serve as a "road map" for NCBA staff, members, and state affiliates.

For a summary of some of the top initiatives passed and renewed visit www.4cattlemen.com, the real-time coverage site of the convention sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc. and produced by Angus Productions Inc. Also on the site you’ll find audio archives of presentations and synopses including coverage of Cattlemen’s College® sponsored by Pfizer Animal Health.

Kansas Angus Breeder 2004 NCBA President

During the convention the NCBA Board of Directors elected a new slate of officers for the coming year. Jan Lyons of Manhattan, Kan., is the new president. She has served as president-elect for the past year and automatically moves into the office.

Ms. Lyons said her agenda for the coming year has been set - by the membership of NCBA. "The policies and positions that were taken at convention will be my No. 1 priority," she said. "The members who developed, discussed and voted on them did so with a focus on what impact they would have on producer profitability. They are the ones who developed the marching orders and direction for the coming year."

The NCBA officers for 2004 are: President Jan Lyons, Kan.; President-Elect Jim McAdams, Texas; Vice President Mike John, Mo.; Federation Division Chairman Bob Rolston, Colo.; Federation Division Vice Chairman Myron Williams, S.D.; Policy Division Chairman Mike Byrne, Calif.; and Policy Division Vice Chairman Rob Hendry, Wyo. Van Amundson of North Dakota was appointed treasurer for the coming year.

Serving on the NCBA Executive Committee in 2004 will be the officers named above plus Eric Davis, Idaho, as past NCBA president, and Ernie Reeves, Va.; John Queen, N.C.; Glenn Rowe, Iowa; Al Wright, Ark.; Ed Lord, Mont.; John Fallen, Nev.; Gene Harris, N.D.; Gary Voogt, Mich.; Roger West, Fla.; Alan Albright, Iowa; Mike Vache, Okla.; Louisa Munsee, Idaho; Mike Milroy, Ariz.; Jon Ferguson, Kan.; Betty McCullough, Veal representative; Don Hineman, Kan.; Paul Hitch, Texas; Mark Spurgin, Neb.; John Dudley, Texas; and Alan Hess, Kan.

Jan Lyons' love for cattle and caring for the land began on the family Angus farm in eastern Ohio. Today, she manages her family's Angus seedstock operation in the Flint Hills native grass region south of Manhattan, Kan. The family operation includes both daughters and sons-in law, seven grandchildren, and Jan's husband, Frank.

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