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Highlights of the 2002 Cattle Industry Convention

President Bush addresses attendees
Cattle ranchers and farmers praised President Bush for recognizing the cattle industry as "an incredibly important part of America’s future." Mr. Bush spoke to more than 5,000 cattle industry members at the 2002 Cattle Industry and Trade Show coordinated by the National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA).

During his visit to the industry meeting, Mr. Bush outlined his commitment to a $73.5 billion U.S. Farm Bill that is affordable, provides fair and expanded international trade, includes farm savings accounts for ranching families, and recognizes the role of ranchers in land conservation.

On the international trade front, Mr. Bush renewed his commitment to ensuring beef producers have the opportunity to market U.S. beef to consumers around the world. "We want the people in China eating U.S. beef," the President said.

The President praised convention attendees and all ranchers across the country for their values of hard work, family and self-reliance. He pointed to recent victories by American ranchers, including this country’s ability to keep foreign animal diseases out of America’s cattle herds and the repeal of the Estate Tax (also known as the Death Tax).

For a transcript of the speech visit http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2002/02/20020208-1.html

New NCBA officers are named
Wythe Willey, an Angus breeder from Cedar Rapids Iowa, became the new president of the NCBA. Eric Davis, a beef producer from Bruneau, Idaho, was elected NCBA president-elect. Elected NCBA vice-president was Angus breeder Jan Lyons of Manhattan, Kan.

For more information visit http://www.beef.org/newsroom/ncba/2002/02_0209a.htm

NCBA develops plan on wide range of issues
New policies to support and advance beef industry initiatives in the areas of agriculture policy, cattle health and well-being, federal lands, cattle marketing, property rights, international markets and science and technology were adopted during the convention.

For a summary on committee action visit http://www.beef.org/newsroom/ncba/2002/02_0211b.htm

Cattle industry takes bold step on labeling policy
After extensive debate, policy to urge and advance market-driven country of origin labeling for beef was adopted.

"The resolution of the debate on the issue of country of origin labeling is evidence that producer directed policy development works," said Chuck Lambert, NCBA Chief Economist and staff liaison to the International Markets Committee where the policy was first developed. "NCBA’s members clearly indicated their desire to manage and control the labeling of beef – an industry directed market driven approach to beef labeling is preferable to a government mandated system."

For a copy of the resolution approved by the industry stakeholders visit http://www.beef.org/newsroom/ncba/2002/02_0211c.htm

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