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Flexibility and Adequate Conservation Resources
Are Key to Effective 2002 Farm Bill

Washington, D.C. (September 6, 2001) - The 2002 Farm Bill must adequately address resource conservation and compliance with environmental benefits needs in American agriculture, the National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA) said today.

"The strong and well-funded Conservation title in the 2002 farm bill (H.R. 2646) is essential for economic viability in the industry and must be maintained in its current form," said Jay Truitt, Executive Director, Legislative Affairs for NCBA. "Other conservation proposals fail to recognize -- or do not adequately address the needs of -- America's cattle producers."

The Farm Bill is critically important to livestock producers as it determines the amount of support for agricultural industry programs. Funds for producers to conserve and manage their lands have steadily declined since 1985 and NCBA is seeking to reverse this trend.

"Livestock producers need economic resources -- and flexible programs -- in order to stay economically viable while complying with environmental regulations," said Truitt. "Preserving the land for future generations has always been a primary goal for the cattle industry."

Projected to produce more than $100 billion in receipts in the next year, livestock production consistently averages 50% or more of total agricultural receipts. In addition, grassland pasture and range was the single largest use of U.S. land, according to a 2000 USDA report.

***The House Agriculture Committee's broadly-supported farm bill, "Farm Security Act of 2001" HR 2646, is posted on the Web site of the US House Committee on Agriculture: http://www.agriculture.house.gov.

Information included:
* Information Packet -- specifics on policy
* Narrative Report
* Supplemental Report with additional views and Congressional Budget Office (CBO) cost estimates
* Full text of the Committee-passed bill
* Line-numbered text version ("Calendar" bill)
* Tracking changes made in existing text of the 1996 Farm Bill are noted in the "Ramseyer"

"The Farm Security Act of 2001" is found off the home page of the House Agriculture Committee Web site, or by going directly to http://www.agriculture.house.gov/farmbill.htm.

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