News Update
April 27, 2005

Taiwan Receives U.S. Product

Earlier this week, Taiwan received its first shipment of U.S. boneless beef in approximately 18 months, the American Meat Institute (AMI) reported. The shipment, containing 2.17 metric tons of product, was received at the Chiang Kai-shek International Airport and sampled by quarantine officials.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced in early April that Taiwan would officially accept U.S. boneless beef from animals less than 30 months of age beginning April 16. According to an AMI release, Taiwanese Council of Agriculture (COA) officials have said the import ban on live cattle will remain.

The United States exported more than $76 million in beef to the country in 2003. According to a previous U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) news release, a survey conducted in late February found that 56% of Taiwanese consumers said they were confident in the safety of U.S. beef, up 11% from the previous year. A separate USMEF survey conducted at one of the country’s main food shows found that 74% of Taiwan’s consumers said they will, or are likely to, buy and eat U.S. beef.

Survey Shows Poor Facilities

Cattle transportation representatives have concerns with animal handling and health issues, including poor facilities, poor lighting, too little help, inexperienced help, the presence of dogs and too much help, a Kansas State University (K-State) survey shows.

The survey found that 71% of respondents were troubled by poor facilities; 68% had poor lighting; 41% didn’t have enough help; and 28% had problems with inexperienced help, a release stated.

As a result of survey findings, K-State Extension, the Kansas Animal Health Department and the Kansas Motor Carriers Association (KMCA) have produced fact sheets providing information about improving the handling and shipment of livestock. A computer presentation on biosecurity and an animal-handling video are also available.

The fact sheets are available online at or at any regional K-State Extension office.

compiled by Crystal Albers, Angus Productions Inc. assistant editor

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