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New Genetic Selection Tools
Highlight of 2003 Angus Conference & Tour online
U.S./Russian Agreement on Trade Important Step
Four Corners Bull Test accepting nominations

New Genetic Selection Tools
The American Angus Association Board of Directors recently approved the release of new tools for commercial producers to add simplicity to genetic selection decisions. The American Angus Association Spring 2004 Sire Evaluation Report will include the release of Total Beef Value ($B) — the first in a suite of bio-economic values, expressed in dollars per head, to assist commercial beef producers. The complete system of bio-economic values, or net merit system, will include comprehensive reproduction and weaned calf values in the future.

Total Beef Value ($B) encompasses the dollar per head difference in progeny postweaning and carcass merit combined. The $B value has two pieces: Feedlot Value ($F) and carcass Grid Value ($G). The values are calculated for animals with growth trait expected progeny differences (EPDs) and some type of end-product predictions (carcass EPDs, ultrasound EPDs, or both). The Feedlot Value ($F) assigns a $/head difference in expected progeny performance to postweaning genetic merit. The Grid Value ($G) combines quality grade and yield grade attributes, and is calculated for animals with carcass EPDs, ultrasound EPDs, or both. The $Values were derived using available EPDs, which were then converted into economic terms using industry relevant performance components for feedlot (i.e. days on feed, ration cost, cash price, etc) and carcass merit [i.e. Choice-Select spread, heavyweight and Yield Grade (YG) 4 and 5 discounts, etc]. These new tools provide commercial producers, along with seedstock breeders, an avenue to simplify the use of EPDs, evaluating feedlot and carcass separately or simultaneously. The Total Beef Value ($B) is not to be used as a single selection criterion, since it only combines postweaning and carcass industry segments.

Highlights of 2003 National Angus Conferene & Tour online
If you were unable to be in North Dakota last week for the 2003 National Angus Conference & Tour, you can log on to www.angusjournal.com/nationalconference for highlights of the event including audio recordings of the speeches, PowerPoint presentations and photographs.

U.S./Russian Agreement on Trade Important Step
America's beef industry got a boost when President George Bush and President Vladimir Putin of Russia announced a groundbreaking agreement on meat trade.

"We are encouraged by this agreement," says Philip Seng, U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) president and CEO. "It provides the working framework with which to develop the practices and protocol needed for a long-term relationship. Particularly important to us is that certain high-quality meats recognized under the World Trade Organization's (WTO) so-called 'Hilton' definition are exempted from the quota system. Russia provides considerable growth potential, and the U.S. will have a key role in meeting this growth." USMEF currently has offices in St. Petersburg and Moscow working with the Russian trade.

"One of the fastest growing markets in the world is the Russian market for beef variety meats," says American Meat Institute (AMI) President J. Patrick Boyle. "Especially significant is the fact that these products are permanently exempted from the tariff rate quota."

Four Corners Bull Test accepting nominations
The Four Corners Beef Cattle Improvement Association (BCIA) is accepting nominations for its "Calf to Carcass" program. The delivery date will be October 18. Producers can enter bulls, heifers, or steers. For more information contact Ken Shively at (970) 385-4574 or e-mail wshively@lamar.colostate.edu.

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