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AngusSource Offers New Marketing Tool to Producers

The American Angus Association (AAA) has recently enhanced the AngusSource Program to help differentiate Angus feeder cattle and replacement females of known origin from other "black hided" cattle. Groups of commercial calves may now be enrolled in the AngusSource Program, and customized ear tags will be supplied for all calves submitted. In addition, information about the source, genetic and management processes of the calves can be compiled into a concise marketing document to present to potential buyers. As the number of branded beef products and value based marketing structures increase, this information is becoming a more important factor in determining the value of commercial cattle.

Calves enrolled in the AngusSource Program need not be tied to individual sires or dams, but AAA registration numbers of all possible sires (or maternal grandsires, if applicable) must be listed, and calves should be at least 50% Angus. In addition, the approximate birth month/year and farm/ranch of origin of the calves is required. Further information about the health history, performance and management of the cattle is also encouraged, as this will increase their marketability.

A $1/head enrollment fee includes:

  • Pre-printed ear tags (number customization and shipping at no charge);
  • Printed marketing document listing all genetic, management, and performance info; and
  • 90-day listing on the AngusSource marketing website prior to sale time.

Calves may be enrolled in the program in one of two methods:

  • Online at www.angussource.com, or
  • By calling the AAA commercial programs department at 816-383-5100.

If you wish to include information about the AngusSource Program in your next newsletter or communication with your commercial customers, feel free to use the press release or any other information enclosed with this letter. As an added service to a few of your customers, you may also choose to enroll their calves in the program, and help them capitalize on the sound genetics they have purchased throughout the years.

For the simplest way to convey the source, process, and genetic information about Angus-influenced cattle, think AngusSource… Documented information for documented value.

    Basic process for producers interested in participating in AngusSource Program:

    Step 1 Producer enrolls in AngusSource program by completing customer enrollment form.
    • Forms are available at www.angussource.com or by calling the AAA office.

    Step 2 Enroll cattle and order tags via www.angussource.com or by calling AAA office. Enter:

    • Herd location/contact information
    • Number of steers/heifers to be enrolled
    • Birth months/year
    • All calves’ sire registration numbers (or maternal grandsire registration numbers, if applicable). Calves should be at least 50% Angus.
    • Cowherd breed makeup (optional)
    • Customized tag numbers/sequences for in-herd "management numbers" (tag numbers)
    • Shipping and payment information for tags ($1 per calf enrolled)

    Step 3 Tag calves

    • Calves must be tagged prior to shipping from farm/ranch of origin

    Step 4 Enter marketing information (optional)

    • Marketing profile may be created for feeder calves or replacement females at any time after tags are ordered
    • Health, management, and marketing information may be entered
    • Official AngusSource Marketing Document will be printed, listing all entered information on group of cattle.
      • Standardized form to distribute to potential buyers or brokers
      • For a sample click here

    Step 5 Market cattle

    • Inform market manager, broker, or buyer about cattle’s history by presenting AngusSource Marketing Document.
    • Cattle may be sold through a market, in the country, or through video sale.
    • Look for special AngusSource Program calf sales at participating markets

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