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AFIA Creates Facility Certification Institute

ARLINGTON, VA — The American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) has launched a new Facility Certification Institute (FCI) with programs for certifying compliance with the Food and Drug Administration’s regulation governing the mammalian protein feeding prohibition. The new institute provides facilities the means to obtain credible documentation of compliance with federal rules.

The plan incorporates FDA’s inspection program for meeting requirements of Title 21, CFR 589.2000, and Substances Prohibited in Ruminant Feed. FCI will contract with independent agents to inspect facilities that utilize restricted use protein products (RUPP) as well as those that do not. The agents will review procedures, examine records and issue certifications to those facilities successfully meeting the program requirements.

Many producers and meat packers are requiring third party certification that cattle they’re receiving have not been fed restricted use proteins. FCI’s program will provide that documentation.

Full details on FCI certification were sent recently to all AFIA official contacts. The program is open to both member companies and non-AFIA companies. Besides feed mills, intended audiences include protein blenders, livestock producers, on-farm mixers, ingredient suppliers, feed dealers and grind and mix operations.

Two levels of certification will be offered: Level 1- for those facilities not using restricted use protein products and Level 2- for those facilities using restricted use protein products but conforming to federal limitations for those products.

Creation of the institute came about as the result of two measures adopted by the AFIA Board of Directors in February. One advocated the voluntary withdrawal of ruminant-derived meat and bone by-products from facilities that produce feed for ruminant animals. The other measure pertained to the establishment of a certification program.

A Web site, www.certifiedfeed.org, has been created to provide additional information and program applications. Additional questions may be addressed by contacting the Institute's toll-free number at 1-888-FCI-6885 or AFIA at (703) 524-0810.

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